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Hi, I'm David.


Welcome to explore my work on this website.


I am a cinematographer born in Saarland in 1994, now based between Berlin and Leipzig. My artistic work lately concentrates on feature-length documentaries, but I would also love to bring this experience back to fictional films.

Since 2013 I studied Cinematography at Filmuniversity Babelsberg „Konrad Wolf“.

In 2016/17 I've been a volunteer at Goethe Institute Maputo, Mozambique. During that time I shot my first feature-lenth film "Maputo Nakuzandza".

In 2019 I also shot my graduation film, the feature-length documentary „Entre dois Mundos“ (AT) in Maputo and South Africa.


The short film „A Letter to my mother“, which I shot with Amina Maher was shown worldwide on more than 100 film festivals, and won prizes on many including Venice Intercultural Film Festival, Indiex Film Festival, Luminous Frames Film Festival und Ontario International Film Festival.


Right now, I'm working on the feature-length documentary „My Revolution“ with director Reem Karssli.

Besides, I do anything else that brings fun and money, as long as I don't have to sell my soul. I work as a freelance cinematographer, photographer and colorist. When opporunity hits me, I also work as a director for small projects, such as music videos.


Don't hesitate to get in contact.



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In the blue hues of dawn, by a stationary merry-go-round, young people stagger home as workers in suits make their way to work. Radio Maputo Nakuzandza, 5:15 am: the first lights of day illuminate this magnificent opening shot. After immersing us in the daily life of the great city of Maputo, capital of Mozambique, the film comes to a close as night falls. Ariadine Zampaulo elegantly orchestrates an urban symphony whose findings never cease to surprise us, such as the radio program which runs as a common thread alongside a choreographed dérive. The words of residents and ambient sounds broadcast are interwoven unexpectedly into the sequences, to make the city heard in a film that is in constant, meandering movement. Figures meet then lose each other in the immense urban space: a jogger roams the main arteries of the city from morning to evening, a tourist with Keatonian gestures wanders around, a young fiancée having escaped from her wedding drifts like a ghost. In blending documentary- style shots, fictional scenes and dance performances in the ruins of abandoned buildings, Zampaulo composes a kaleidoscopic portrait of Maputo rather than following a single track. The urban landscape reveals the traces of its colonial past while the verses of the greatest Mozambican poets resound. In a sweeping yet precise gesture, Ariadine Zampaulo seeks to comprehend the city through its multiple branches, embracing History and the immediacy of the present. A film-poem with polyphonic prose, Maputo Nakuzandza (“Maputo I Love You”) is nothing less than an ode to the city, and to life.

(Louise Martin Papasian, FID MARSEILLE)



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