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documentary film

71 min .color . 1:2.39 . Sony Fx9

As a young father who actually wants to treat his children lovingly, director Domenik Schuster asks himself in his film LIEBE, WUT & MILCHZÄHNE why he keeps turning into a kind of educational automaton in everyday life with his children, putting his children under pressure, Making threats and creating fear in order to change certain behavior. Because this educational machine has absolutely nothing to do with the father he actually wants to be.

It only remains to be clarified: Where does this educational machine come from? How bad is he really? And how on earth do you get rid of it?

A film for all parents who want to break new ground - and sometimes get lost in the process.

Director, screenwriter: Domenik Schuster
Cinematography: David-Simon Groß
Editing: Domenik Schuster



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