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The Germans
in Maputo

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In Maputo, the capital of the former socialist People's Republic of Mozambique, the so-called "Madgermanes" have taken to the streets every Wednesday for more than 30 years. They worked as contract workers in the GDR, where they were cheated of part of their wages, which the Mozambican government has not paid them to this day
has. While some are still joining the demonstrations, others have long since given up and are just trying to get on with life.

The series was created over several trips to Maputo between 2016 and 2021.


RACHEL goes to the Madgermanes demonstrations every Wednesday.
The Mozambican women in the GDR were forced to take the pill. If they did become pregnant, they were immediately sent back to Mozambique.

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As a teenager, TÓMAS attended the Friendship School in Stassfurt. He now works as a guard for a gated community on Maputo's city beach. He enjoys being able to talk to some of the residents in German. He stays away from the demonstrations.


NELSON worked for three years as a contract worker in a glass factory in Oschatz, where he also dated a German woman. The fact that he had to leave the country after reunification left a deep sorrow. As the flag bearer, he is at the forefront of the demonstrations.

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